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The name has been changed from BIBBY PRO, which was a popular model of MOMENTSKI, to WILDCAT and it is further advanced.

BIBBY, MOMENT's powerful BIGSKI, has been sold as a signature ski for nearly 10 years. And now it has been renamed WILDCAT and continues to be improved as a popular model as a name machine.

There's a reason we've been making these specs for over 10 years. That's because it's a ski with great mobility and an edge that's unimaginable for its size. In the last few years, the weight of skis has become lighter, and the weight reduction of previous BIBBYs has made them more maneuverable.

It leaves a heavy feeling and allows for a stable edge.

You don't have to move your skis in a hurry, just tilt them slightly and they'll bend when you're on them! Small bumps can be swallowed and have excellent stability.

Powder performance, of course, but it's still a bit heavy on BC, so if you're using BC, choose the TOUR model.

1Day WILDCAT184cm

  • ☆発送してのレンタルも可能ですがご相談ください。

    We can ship and rent it, but please consult us.
    You can rent it for the number of days you use it plus the shipping cost when you return it.
    We will arrange to have it delivered by the day before you use it.
    And after using it, you have to ship it on the same day.

    ★Please understand that a rental fee of one day may be added if it is shipped the next day.


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