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​About free skiing

In Japan, "skiing" often refers to carving ski style. And "skiing" in North America is "free ski style". I think that there are many styles of skiing because each country has different ski resort construction, size, and other conditions.

Free skis often refer to large skis with a center width of about 80 to 100 mm, and in Japan, they often refer to skis that are considered to be a little thicker. In Japan, there used to be a lot of people who preferred to test their skiing skills, but with the advent of freeskiing, more and more people are choosing freeskiing as a new genre.

When thinking of skiing as a sport, there was a strong tendency to think of it as a competition, and many thought that skiing equals some kind of competition. You can ski powder snow, slide freely on natural terrain, bumps on the course, granulated snow in spring, and of course the leveled ground with pisten is exhilarating! Free skiing is gaining popularity as a style of skiing that can be enjoyed freely regardless of genre, and it is a style of skiing that gives up the competition and enjoys the original enjoyment of skiing. Styles such as backcountry skiing and side-country skiing that slide over natural terrain are also used collectively.

There are no rules, so you are free to choose what to use in any situation, but by choosing a ski that is designed with a close purpose in mind, you can double the fun, and you will be able to ski on familiar slopes and courses again with slightly thicker skis. As a result, you can enjoy skiing like never before. I think I can discover the fun of new skiing! Even those who use carving skis and ski in a competition-oriented style can find new fun as an option! And it may be a ski style that makes skiing fun and different, such as course side areas and backcountry areas.

Since the season for this free skiing is long, from the beginning of the snowfall when the amount of snow is small to the remaining snow at the end of the season, Moment Ski prepares skis that can be enjoyed throughout the season, and guides you through how to use them and how to enjoy them. Masu. We are waiting for you with various free skis.

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