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Founder CaseyHakansson founded MOMENTSKI, a freeski production company in Reno, Nevada in 2002 at the young age of 24. Thinking that he could not find the skis he had in mind, he decided to make his own skis, and after repeated trial and error, MOMENTSKI was launched! We are making flexible ideas and creative skis.

Many of the top and tail designs used in MOMENTSKI are square (straight), and more than that, the graphics are delicate and we are very particular about the details, making it a favorite of many people. Subtract
In addition, MOMENT has won many awards every year, and among them, the revolutionary camber style "Triple Camber" that MOMENT originally invented creates a more shocking gliding performance than it looks. Please test it if you have the chance.
MOMENTSKI continues to evolve every year, but the backcountry line is lighter and more agile. We have chosen a great sizing that is extremely well-balanced as well as glide. All boards are designed by ourselves and made into shape at our own factory, and are immediately tested at the nearby ski resort Mt.Rose. We have repeatedly tested using various slopes. For this reason, it is possible to add new models to the lineup even during the season, and it is possible to produce with less loss.
Please take a look and take a look.

99% of MOMENTSKI parts are made in the USA. At our factory, we build, cut, lay-up, and press all the wood cores to fit each ski. After finishing the press work to assemble all the parts, the ski is trimmed (cut) to the original shape of the ski, and then tuned up and WAX is permeated consistently in our own factory. Watch the video!


Skis used: Deathwish PBJ COMI etc.

​Kusatsu ski school manager

Former technical player of Gunma prefecture

​ CEO of Peak2Peak Co., Ltd., traveling around the world.

Ski used: STREGA

​Former Mogul national team

​Currently, we are conducting Cobb Lessons at Lake Shirakaba Ski Resort.


​Ski used: WILDCAT101

​From Yokohama, living in Omachi

Representative of the free ski team "Matsukawa Kai"
Nagano Prefectural Ski Federation Freestyle Club Strengthening Coach
Hakuba Village Ski Club Freestyle Team Coach
FIS/SAJ official recognition

FIS certified

B level judge (SS/HP)

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