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Click for your ski style? We will introduce you to the model that matches your style!

​There are many types and lengths of free skis, rocker shapes, and other ideas.

  • Many free skis are fat skis.

  • At Moment Ski, compared to skis from other companies, we are particular about the materials we use, and because most of our skis are thick, they are designed to be easy to handle.. For that reason, it is a little longer and thickerBy choosing a large ski, you can get the advantage of being strong in fresh snow and bad snow.

  • rocker shape. It is a shape to make it easier to get gliding and buoyancy, and there are several types of those shapes.Masu. There is a front rocker type where the shovel on the top begins to warp from the front, a twin rocker type where the top and tail are warped, and a full rocker type where the whole is warped.The moment ski has a specially made triple camber twin rocker plus an irregular camber type.There you are.

  • front lockeris the top partbigIt is warped and the feeling of sliding isRelatively similar to carving skis. Because there is a rocker, the top does not bite right away and the edge bites a little later, so it causes a good gap that carving skis do not have. It becomes possible to tilt thick skis easily. The "tsu" part, which is difficult for basic skis to go around valleys, is naturally created, making it easy to draw a beautiful turn arc., The skis can also be tilted firmly, so it is easy to get a carving feeling. Good at straight lines and stable even at high speed. Commander 92, Commander 102

  • Twin locker typeThe tail is also curved to match the top, making it easier to operate, so you can go one size up.It becomes easy to move the ski left and right because there are few contact parts. Rich in turn performance,If you want to use a fat freeski for the first time,We recommend this style. It's very beneficial and fun. WildCat, WildCat108, WildCat101, WildCatTour, WildCat108Tour, Bella, Hotmess, Carson

  • Combining a special camber with a twin rocker typetriple camberwas developed by Moment.It is a good style that adopts small camber in front and behind the large camber underfoot.Edge Grip Uri Moment original camber with very sharp edge. Adopted by DeathWish,DeathWish104,DeathWishTour,Deathwish104Tour,Sierra,FrankenSki.

  • full lockerIt is mainly used for powder skis because it benefits mainly fresh and soft snow. Taking advantage of the fact that it is easy to slide, it is easy to operate even with thick skis.

how to choose length

Basically, based on men around 170cm and women around 160cm, we will consider your body structure, weight, ski level, where you will ski, etc.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you choose the standard or one size shorter.

I think there are many questions and things I don't know.​Is that so? ? ? A little less and choose a convincing one!

Please come to MOMENTKAGURA where you can try various styles of skiing to solve such problems.

At MOMENT KAGURA , the PRO staff listens to detailed data and situations and introduces the best one, and rental is also possible. Please help us.

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