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Recommended model for former mogul & bump skier

In the 90's, there was a mogul boom, and hundreds of thousands of mogul skis were sold each year. In recent years, the ski has decreased to the extent that it is used by competitors and some bump freaks, making it a very rare ski. In the past, there must have been many people who risked their lives to ski straight down bumps. After 20 years, there are only a handful of people who can put on mogul skis and ski bumps with that kind of feeling. Your body doesn't move like before, your body becomes stiff, and your skiing style is very dangerous!

Therefore, a few years ago, a Japan-exclusive front rocker STREGA with a flat tail and 85mm center width was released and has been sold out for several years.

As an alternative to that, a soft version of COMMANDER92 was specially produced as a Japanese original ski, and it will appear in the 24th season as a super limited model. The center width is 7mm thicker than the STREGA, but it is moderately thick so that you can draw a turn arc that is not too tight. And just like the STREGA, we introduced a ski that can be imagined as a fun ski style, such as skiing straight on a few bumps, then casually leveling the ground, and carving rough bumps using a little thickness. The COMMANDER series is basically a ski that makes it very easy to switch from carving skis.

Other than that, twin rocker skis with a structure that makes it easy to shift the tail are recommended for bumpy uneven terrain.

WILDCAT101 and HOTMESS, which have a good reputation, offer almightyness that can be used anywhere on the slopes besides bumps.

​SIERRA is also very easy to handle, and the WILDCAT101 and HOTMESS are easy to shift, so the triple camber edge grip is added and the stability is very high.

Click on the model name you are interested in to see the details.

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