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3サイズは 138-112-129 






Very popular model DEATHWISH

Although DEATHWISH is very popular, it uses a special camber with high grip called triple camber developed by Moment Ski.

This ski started triple camber!

A microcamber measuring just under 30 cm is placed inside the center camber of a regular twin rocker, and the inside of the camber increases grip.

It is characterized by a finer curve than the turn size indicated by the ski radius.

3 sizes 138 -112 -129

It's easy to handle the edges freely without feeling the wide 112 mm of legroom. The inner distance of the microcamber is only 50 -60 cm, so it can be easily shifted.

174 cm DEATHWISH has a ski-like edge for small turns!

A 184 cm DEATHWISH can carve a steady turn like a ski on a medium or long run!

From the 2021 season, the 179 cm size, which is just right, was also introduced.


1Day Deathwish 174cm

GST Included
  • ☆発送してのレンタルも可能ですがご相談ください。

    We can ship and rent it, but please consult us.
    You can rent it for the number of days you use it plus the shipping cost when you return it.
    We will arrange to have it delivered by the day before you use it.
    And after using it, you have to ship it on the same day.

    ★Please understand that a rental fee of one day may be added if it is shipped the next day.


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